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"We Are Witnesses: What God Called Clean." Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture: Acts 11:1-18 & John 13:31-35

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Change is all around us, even in the church. And change is never easy. Our text this week is about a whole new direction for the beginnings of the church. It has to do with who was considered worthy to include and who should be avoided. Peter pushed the early church to go further than they were comfortable with. But in reality it was actually the Holy Spirit that pushed the church to go further than they were comfortable. And that has been the church's story from then on. 

How do we welcome and whom do we include? How do we make space for those who might be different from most of us? What do we do to show that we are open to any and to all? Join us this week as we share the vision of Peter, and how Peter's vision might be that call to the whole church to truly reconsider what it means to welcome all. 

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