A message from Rev. Ross Baker, pastor of Eudora UMC:


Dear Eudora United Methodist Faith Community:

On Tuesday evening, May 6 members of the Administrative Council and I met virtually to discuss the potential of reopening for “in-person” worship. A major piece of this discussion was based around current guidelines for reopening released by the Great Plains Annual Conference, and current phase-based reopening guidelines released by Governor Laura Kelly’s office. After prayerfully discerning what it would mean to reopen for in person worship, and considering the guidelines currently in place reducing the number of people allowed for mass gatherings, we decided to keep the current building use policy in place. Through at least May 31st, the church building of Eudora UMC will remain closed for all outside groups with exception of Parkwood Day School and the distribution of food with Harvester’s. A subgroup of Ad Council will convene on Thursday May 28th to discuss further plans for reopening.

In the meantime, the church will continue to live out our mission of: “living into God’s dream of a community that welcomes everyone, grows spiritually and serves others.” We will do so in the following ways:

● We will continue to offer weekly connection and participation through Sunday morning worship at 10:45. Available through the following platforms: Facebook, Baldwin 1st YouTube Channel, an Audio Only option over your home or cell phone, and archived services on the EUMC Website.

● Will continue to offer online Sunday School for Children & Youth through ZOOM.

● Continued midweek check-in through our Wed evening Prayer Service at 6:45 pm.

● Weekly Children’s Chapel on Thursday mornings with Parkwood Day School and Pastor Ross at 9 am.

● Continued outreach and service to our church and community.

● Continued invitation to interact through various means with weekly worship.

● We will continue to faithfully support the mission and ministry of EUMC through online giving on the website, through the “GivePlus App” or direct mailing to the church.

● We will continue to strategize on our eventual re-opening plan, carefully following local guidelines from the County, State, and the Annual Conference.

● We will continue to be in communication with you.

And finally, we will continue to lift one another up in prayer, checking in by phone, cards, and email. If there are additional ways we as a church might support you with assistance running errands or help with technology please do not hesitate to reach out to either Dean Manwaring: eudoraumc@gmail.com or Pastor Ross: rbaker@greatplainsumc.org. Until then, I pray God’s blessings upon you and your families. Remember friends, while yes, we may not be gathering in the building the Church is still very much open!


Your brother in Christ,

Rev. Ross Baker



Easter sermon series 

Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people. And day by day the Lord added to their number....

--Acts 2


The life and death of Jesus had one strong message that was both overt and inherent: love one another. The "Heart of the Matter" was love. Time and again we hear Jesus offer the disciples a post-resurrection message of empowerment to give to the world what he had given to them. This Easter Season we will encourage one another to truly live out "the heart of the matter."


Week 4: May 10 "No Trouble In My Heart" John 14:1-2

Jesus himself cried out to God from the Hebrew scriptures that were his holy texts, "Into your hands I commit my spirit." He reminded his disciples, and he reminds us, to trust in God when our hearts are troubled. Steadfast love is what God shows and what we are called to offer to each other.


Week 5: May 17 "Kept in Our Hearts" John 14:15-21

To "sanctify" something is to set it apart as holy and consecrated. The resurrected Jesus tells his disciples that the Spirit will be with them when he is gone. Holiness resides within each one of us. It calls us to see holiness in others. It calls us to do the right thing in the name of Love, even when the right thing isn't easy.


Week 6: May 24 "Open the Eyes of My Heart" Ephesians 1:17 & Luke 24:48-49

The story of the last time the disciples saw Jesus is a story of blessing. Jesus says that as witnesses to his presence and resurrection, they too will be filled with power to carry on his ministry, to be his hands and feet in the world. To see the world through the eyes of Jesus is to see through the eyes of love.


Pentecost Sunday: May 31 "The Heart of the Matter" Acts: 2:4, 17-18 & John 7:37-38

Throughout this season, we have proclaimed that love is that which binds us (the root of "religion") to God, to Jesus, to each other. Love IS our religion. On the day of Pentecost, the church received the power of the Holy Spirit to let this message flow out to all. The power of this message is ever-so important to spread in the world today. Let us be a community of messengers letting living compassion flow from our hearts.



Eudora United Methodist Church is a growing congregation with a wonderful mix of newer attending younger singles/families and older adults that have been part of the church's rich history.   We're a mission and service-oriented church that is constantly striving to grow in understanding God's love for us and in our response of sharing that love with others.  We experience and share the presence of God's spirit in an intentionally blended music worship on Sunday mornings and in a variety of Spiritual Formation opportunities for all ages.  Various Fellowship Groups also bring the congregation together for fun activities that meet through the  year.

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