December Sermons


“Light Of The World: A Beginner's Guide To Advent"

You are invited this Season of Advent to come and "dive deep into the history of the birth of Christ.

In Amy-Jill Levine's study, she shows how the Gospel narratives connect to the Old Testament; highlights the role of women in first-century Jewish culture; and emphasizes the importance of Mary's visitation, the census, the stable, the star of Bethlehem, and the flight to Egypt.


December 1st: “The Meaning of Memory”- Luke 1:5-25, 57-79

This story transports us back to the time of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and several of the other couples in Israel’s Scriptures who suffered from infertility. Not only will we see the humor of Zechariah’s encounter with the angel, we will also see how family traditions can be modified. What the perfect entry to the Christmas season where we are reminded how the old becomes new again, and where delight replaces despair.

December 8th: “The Promise of Potential”- Luke 1:26-56

The story continues as the angel Gabriel appears to Mary proudly proclaiming that she will carry the Christ child. From here, Mary journey’s to the Judean highlands to confirm the angel’s announcement of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. From Mary’s visit to Elizabeth we see not only the importance of solidarity across the generations, but also hear the grand proclamations of things to come not through town hall or politicians but through women in song.

December 15th: “The Journey to Joy”- Luke 2:1-40

This week we accompany Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Galilee to Bethlehem in Judea, where Jesus will be born in a stable. Here we will also see how the “manger” anticipates Jesus’ Last Supper; it is much more than just a bed of straw. We will also meet Simeon and Anna. Much like Elizabeth and Zechariah who were not blessed with children early in life; we can see them handing on to the next generation, to Mary and Joseph and to the child, the trust that they will guard the stories and practices of the Jewish people.

December 22nd: “The Gifts Of The Gentiles”- Matthew 1:18-2:15

In this final week we will start with a genealogy taking us through several generations of Jesus’ ancestors. Take note of the many gentile names who make up the lineage to the Lord. We also will journey with the Magi who are neither kings, nor necessarily three nor, according to Matthew, wise. We’ll learn why the star of Bethlehem is not likely an actual star. And we will end with the return of Mary, Joseph and Jesus to Nazareth. Much like the mustard seed, something small is about to become something marvelous, well beyond expectations. 


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