Worship Reopening Update (February 2022)

Rules for in the building worship:

1. Mask Policy: We request that you please wear a mask while you are in the buildi

2. In-Person Meetings/Gatherings: While the Administrative Council will continue to meet virtually for the time being, other ministry groups of the church are allowed to resume in-person meetings in the church. Please make sure to schedule with Dean Manwaring through the church office so we are aware of who is using the building.

3. Sunday School, Nursery and Fellowship update: As a means of care for one another Sunday School will remain virtual through the month of February.

a. The Nursery will remain closed through February (A comfort room is available for parents with young children.)

b.Fellowship time will not resume through the month of February. It is our hope to resume this ministry in March.

 *Special Note: Radio transmission of the worship service is available by tuning the radio in your vehicle to 88.7 FM.


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 June 26: "Celebrate Unity" Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-16

Celebrate that unity does not mean uniformity! Our diversity is knit together in the unity of faith, as we grow into Christ. How are we as the community of faith coming together to build up the body of Christ? How might we embrace our differences but also celebrate our similarities to build up the Kingdom of God? This week we continue celebrating in a God who creates each of us uniquely but also united together as one! 


July 3: "Celebrate Promise" Scripture: Romans 4:3, 13-25

Embrace God’s calling for you, believe that God will do what God promises, and take courageous action in your life. How will you embrace God’s calling for your life? How can we as the body of Christ embrace what is or in what is to come? How might the story of Abraham be our calling to put our trust fully back in God’s promises for us while celebrating what is to come. 


July 10: "Celebrate New Life" Scripture: Mark 5:35-43

Celebrating new life is about embracing how God transforms us to thrive and experience joy. Where have you experienced New life in Christ? How have we or where might we celebrate the New life being birthed through our faith community? Sometimes new life is not always apparent but I fully believe new life will always be possible if we put our full trust back in the Lord. Where or what might Christ be seeking to bring new life to within our congregation at the moment? As we bring this series to a close may we celebrate in the “not yet”...and what is to come. 



Eudora United Methodist Church is a growing congregation with a wonderful mix of newer attending younger singles/families and older adults that have been part of the church's rich history.   We're a mission and service-oriented church that is constantly striving to grow in understanding God's love for us and in our response of sharing that love with others.  We experience and share the presence of God's spirit in an intentionally blended music worship on Sunday mornings and in a variety of Spiritual Formation opportunities for all ages.  Various Fellowship Groups also bring the congregation together for fun activities that meet through the  year.

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