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"We Are Witnesses: Get Up!" Rev. Ross Baker

Scripture: Acts 9:36-43.

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We all have been shaped and cared for by a variety of people, not just mothers. But as we well know, mothering, in our lives, comes in so many different forms. You are invited to join us this Sunday as we celebrate both the seen as well as the unseen people who faithfully serve our community. This Sunday we turn our focus back to the faithful service of Tabbitha, who served all whom she encountered, and while the story of Tabbitha seems short lived, as she suddenly dies, through a miracle life is given to her once more. It is from there that she wastes no time continuing on in the work still to be done. 

Sometimes miracles happen and those we thought gone are returned to us. More often than not, though, while the miracle in the thread remains, we as humans grow and change and sometimes become something completely new. Who have been those whose lives have touched us by the threads we wear. Join us as we celebrate in all who have gone before us, as we too hear that call from Christ to, “Get up!” 


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